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Harnessing the Hologenome for a Sustainable Future
From ecological questions to industrial applications, harnessing the power of microbiomes is becoming increasingly recognised for its potential in solving the world’s most challenging problems. In keeping with this year's World Microbiome Day theme of sustainability, four UCPH-led holo-projects bring you this webinar highlighting how research of both the microbiome and the host animal, insect or plant can be used to explain the world around us with a new lens. Hosted by the Centre for Evolutionary Hologenomics and co-organised by HoloFish, HoloFood, EHI & FindingPheno.
Invited Speakers:
Yehuda Ben-Shahar, Professor of Biology at the Washington University in St Louis, USA
Melisa Osborne and Kelly Deweese
PhD Candidates, Nuzhdin Research laboratory at USC, USA
Marta Szulkin, Associate Professor, Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab, University of Warsaw, Poland

Jun 24, 2021 03:00 PM in Copenhagen

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